My Story!

Surfing  and other Extreme Sports have always been part of my life. I broke my neck in 2007 and was Diagnosed with Cancer of the Spine (Isolated Myeloma) at that time which caused my bone weakness. I had 3 Neck Surgeries to Fuse and remove as much Tumour as possible from my spine. I also underwent Radiation and Chemo Therapy which help me gain remission. I was told I could never Surf again. 10 Years went by as I tried to return to a normal life and the Sports that I loved. My Neck continued to be difficult to live with due to the Radiation Damage and the Fusion of my vertebrae. I started Surfing again in 2018 and it helped heal both my Neck and my Spirit, not to mention my fitness!! In January 2019 I begun having numbness in my feet and immediately asked for an MRI which revealed 11 new Bone Lesions in my Pelvis and Thoracic Spine. I did Chemo for 5 months during which time I began doing deep research as to alternative ways to help stop the Cancer. I then went to see an old friend who has been healing people with nutrition for over 25 Years and he put me on a Ketogenic Diet combined with Intermittent Fasting which has been my life since June 2019 and gave me my life back. Along with Surfing and Mountainbiking which all improved my health significantly and allowed me to fly through a Bone Marrow Transplant in Oct 2019 which was record breaking from a Medical Science perspective at the Wits Donald Gordon Institute as I harvested most Stem Cells and spent the shortest time in Isolation of any patient, I also did not require any Blood Transfusions during my transplant!! This I attributed to my strict Diet and Fitness regimen!

 I then realised it was my undiscovered passion to learn more about how nutrition can help people heal themselves, fight disease and deal with Cancer Treatment. I enrolled in several online Courses to get Qualified in Keto Coaching, Intermittent Fasting, Supplement Advisor and Nutrition to stop Inflammation. I excelled at these subjects and received distinctions for all courses.

 It is now my intention to heal people through nutrition and educate others to start a preventative diet to stop many common health conditions including Cancer and this is how The Keto Surfer was born.